Who am I?

My name is Edward, welcome. I made this place as a challenge to build a website, and as a portfolio of my digital painting. I hope you enjoy your visit and take some time to browse my Portfolio.

I used to hate art

As a teenager my highschool art teacher encouraged me to drop the subject. So I did. 10 years of studying science and I landed with a masters degree in science, and no idea what to do next. I am doing rewarding work at a University, but my creativity needed an outlet so I began drawing. A lot.

Now I want to be a professional artist

This website is documenting my progress towards becoming an artist.

I’m dedicated to fulfilling this dream and passionately pursue it every single day. If you have happened upon my website, please do take a look around, and if you see anything at all that you like please leave a comment (coming soon) or drop me an email.

NB: I made this website "Mad Max" style with duct tape, found parts and mismatched nuts and bolts, if there are any features you think are missing, or are completely broken please do let me know.