Post #3 - Drawing Notes

9 February 2017

The following notes were made while studying Anthony Jones tutorials (courtesy of I highly suggest using his videos as a method for learning. One point that I think resonates more than any of the tips given in his tutorials is that, hard work overcomes any natural ability you might have or not have. So get to work.

Download my notes here in PDF form.

Post #2 - Drawing Guide #1

14 July 2016

To summarise what I have learned this summer at my life drawing classes I have written a short PDF guide on drawing figures. Now this guide should be taken with a few caveats. Firstly it is not a beginners guide, you should be able to draw a person from reference with correct proportions. Secondly this is for a specific style, there are elements of the guide that will let you go in certain creative directions but this will show you how I drew the black and white model from my instagram post on the 11th July 2016.

Elements of this drawing have come from Yoji Shinkawa's works, such as the rough yet planned shading and shadows, the loose outline and the feel of perspective. The colour scheme is also reminiscent of his industrial themes. The figure itself is not perfect, the feet are missing and the spine is extremely prominent, but for some reason I was really happy with the way it turned out. I hope that more of my drawings in the future are of this quality. Click here to download the PDF on drawing this figure for free and tag me on instagram with any drawings you make from it @eddieyorke!

Post #1 - Welcome

12 July 2016

Welcome to my website, I made this website to share my drawings, illustrations and doodles. I do a fractional amount of web design for my job, but I get limited creative freedom. Making this website is a great way to explore what I can do with HTML, CSS and a little Javascript. Publishing my own content also helps me practise attention to detail, something which sorely needs work. I learned to code through Udacity which has a fantastically simple course, it helped me learn the basics of HTML and CSS to build this site in just over a week. When designing this site I held in mind four essential criteria:

  • Every element should be as simple as possible
  • UX is the highest priority on every device
  • Load times should be minimal
  • Sharing images is the fundamental purpose

I hope that I have succeeded in my aim of producing a simple and effective, yet attractive, website that I can keep up-to-date with my drawings. In publishing my work I aspire to become a more skilful and accomplished draftsman, here begins the long journey.

NB: The resources I use are Bootstrap, a side navbar addin and some great guides by W3Schools and Photoshop/Illustrator CS6.